The Employment Rights Act 1996

What is The Employment Rights Act 1996?


This Act, The Employment Rights Act 1996, (law) sets out a large amount of employment law and is regularly referred to in litigation. It first came into force on 22 August 1996 and it applies to England, Scotland and Wales. It was introduced as an Act to consolidate the existing law relating to employment rights.

It covers the law in relation to the right to statements of employment particulars, Sunday working for shop and betting workers, unfair dismissal, the termination of employment, redundancy payments, protection of wages, zero hour workers, flexible working, protected disclosures (commonly referred to whistleblowing), time off work for certain activities (for example public duties, antenatal care, adoption), the right to make a request to your employer in relation to study or training, suspension from work, maternity leave, adoption leave, shared parental leave, paternity leave, parental bereavement leave, an employee’s rights on insolvency of the employer, and other miscellaneous matters.

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The other large law is the Equality Act 2010 and this deals with all matters relating to discrimination. 

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