GDPR compliance does not relate to a snapshot in time but is an ongoing obligation. You need to continue to ensure that your business has done all it can to show that it remains compliant on an ongoing basis.
We are experts in advising on GDPR; whether relating to your staff or customers/suppliers.  
We can conduct a full audit of the information that your business processes, uses and stores, review the legal basis for you doing so and make practical recommendations regarding your current practices and any changes required. We will also provide a full suite of documents to ensure your compliance.  
We can also assist with making or responding to data subject access requests as it is often not clear when employers can request an extension of time, require a narrowing down of the information requested and occasionally charge for providing data. Furthermore, we can advise on whether particular documents are actually disclosable due to the data controller’s obligation to other data subjects and when legal professional privilege applies. 
Please contact Emily Kidd for further information or queries with GDPR.