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A brief history and introduction to Just Employment

We are different from many of our competitors because we are solicitors. Many people do not realise that they do not have to be qualified to offer employment law advice. Employment law is a fast-moving, complex area of law. We believe that, as solicitors, we are able to provide you with top quality legal advice; we keep up-to-date through training and are regulated by the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority.

Just Employment Solicitors was founded in 1999, in Guildford, to offer a specialist employment law service to employer and employee clients. We were one of the first niche employment law practices. Previously, specialist employment law advice was generally the preserve of large legal firms big enough to sustain an employment department. At least half of solicitors’ firms do not offer employment law, recognising its specialist nature. In 2012, Rachel O’Connell and Helen Phillips acquired the firm from the founder. In 2024, Just Employment became part of Kilgannon & Partners LLP to become one of the largest boutique employment law firm in the UK.

We have clients all over the UK and others based abroad. We act for both individuals and corporations; this gives us a unique insight into how each works and allows us to give practical, commercial and sensible advice.

We aim to offer a friendly and accessible service, with prompt and decisive advice, at fees considerably below those of the larger practices. Every client is different. Our challenge is to use the law in each unique situation to achieve the client’s objectives.

If you are an employer or individual with an employment law problem, please get in touch.

How can we help you today?

Settlement Agreements

We can help you obtain
the best possible agreement.

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I'm an employer

We help managers to solve people problems, individual and collective.

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I'm an employee

We win compensation by settlement or award in nearly 90% of claims.

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HR Advice

We are different to most HR advisors as we are qualified solicitors.

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I would like to express my sincerest thanks for all your help in person….we would like someone who is reliable and good, basically someone of your calibre. Dr A A, London University