I’m an employee

For employees we win compensation, by settlement or award, in nearly 90% of claims.

Are you an employee or self-employed ‘worker’? If so, you will almost certainly need employment law advice at some stage in your career. We are specialist employee solicitors and can help you with any aspect of employment law.

It may be bullying; a difficult relationship with your boss or colleagues; dismissal; sickness; discrimination; problems getting paid; or the consequence of a business takeover. We can also help you to negotiate employment contracts and restrictive covenants. Whatever your problem, you want a cost-effective solution as quickly as possible; one that sets you up for the future with as much self-esteem as possible.

People go to employment tribunals for four reasons: money; revenge; vindication; and to stop ‘them’ doing the same thing to someone else. Whatever your objectives, we can help.

We have an excellent record, winning compensation in nearly 90% of claims, either through mediation, a negotiated settlement or an Employment Tribunal award. We have particular expertise in high value claims usually involving discrimination or whistleblowing. We recently settled a disability discrimination claim for over £1 million.

We are experienced in providing advice in all aspects of employment law for employees. If you have a query, please get in touch.

For your priceless tact and discretion in your letters to my employer; for your prudent attitude towards your time and costs on my behalf; for securing my employee position whilst I am ill; for imbuing your pr]ofessional advice with insightful personal interest, thank you!

– Ms L G

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