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Performance reviews/appraisals

In order to get the most out of your employees carrying out a structured process of performance reviews on a regular basis is essential. The employee will feel valued and understand how you see their performance, as well as understanding what if any developmental needs they may have, and how you the employer are going to get them to where they need or want to be.

They are also an opportunity to see what development an individual would like to undertake, and find out about their career aspirations, giving you a potential pool of talent to work with for the future of your business. However, performance reviews should not be the only time you discuss someone’s performance with them, in particular if there are concerns over performance do not store it up until the next review comes around.

We can help you put a process in place including the paperwork to use, advice on training solutions, development tools, and guiding managers in how to complete them. If you are considering linking performance reviews with pay reviews this process needs to be robust and consistent, so ensuring managers are carrying out the reviews consistently is essential. We can assist again with the process and the management training required.

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