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Employment Tribunals

We are specialist employment tribunal solicitors for employers and can help you with any aspect of a tribunal claim.

Employment Tribunals and their predecessors, industrial tribunals, were created by the Industrial Training Act 1964. Since then their jurisdiction has been expanded to cover some 70 different areas of employment law. Tribunals deal with over 100,000 claims a year, of which some 75% are withdrawn or settled.

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Tribunals were intended to offer speedy and informal resolution of disputes. But their workload is now so heavy and the law so complex that claims often take many months to come to hearing, and parties are often represented by solicitors and barristers. Tribunals frequently need the help of a ‘bundle of authorities’ (decided cases) to help them reach a judgment.

For a discrimination claim a tribunal normally comprises an employment judge and two lay members. For any other claim including unfair dismissal, a tribunal normally consists of a sole judge.
At the beginning of the hearing, the judge will identify the issues. Evidence is in two main forms:

  • Oral evidence from a witness (reading out a prepared witness statement and answering questions on that).
  • A bundle of relevant documents.

After the evidence is given, the parties have an opportunity to make a speech on the facts and the law. Sometimes there are separate hearings to deal with liability and remedy (compensation).

Appeals to the Employment Appeal Tribunal are limited to questions of law.

Going to Tribunal is a stressful experience for both parties. The outcome of litigation is inherently uncertain. Both parties believe they are right. Both parties believe they will win.

As your representative, we cannot guarantee success. What we can do is offer a process, applying all our experience and expertise, to give you the best prospect of success.

We advise clients whether to seek to settle the claim. This is not just a question of the legal merits and legal costs. An employer who is seen as a ‘soft touch’ attracts more unmeritorious claims.

Where we defend claims against our employer clients at tribunal, our clients succeed in over 80% of cases.

We are experienced in advising on and handling employment tribunals for employers. Please call us. We can help you.

We are experienced employment tribunal solicitors. We can help you. Please call us on 01483 303636.

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