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Contracts and Handbooks

Employers are legally required, by the Employment Rights Act 1996, to give employees a written statement of particulars of employment within two months of starting employment. These particulars must deal with a range of matters, from pay and pensions to discipline and grievances. The sanction is a financial penalty if the employee makes a successful employment tribunal claim. Indeed, any employer coming to tribunal without a written employment contract starts very much on the back foot.

We advise employers to have, not just a written contract of employment, but a handbook setting out policies and procedures to deal with the most important topics. We can provide a bespoke Handbook with the 11 most important policies to include Absence Management, Disciplinary and Capability, Redundancy, Equal Opportunities, Whistleblowing, Harassment and Bullying, Grievance policy, Bribery, Holiday policy, Maternity and Family Friendly policy and a policy on the use of Social Media in the workplace. You will find our prices very competitive.

Employment Tribunals take a very dim view of employers who do not have the appropriate documentation in place and without them you will always start a Tribunal claim on the back foot.

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