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Should your business have a whistleblowing policy?


There is no legal requirement for a business to have a whistleblowing policy, however, it is advisable to have one because no matter how well managed and structured a business is, a whistleblowing claim is a real risk to businesses.

The benefits of a whistleblowing policy:

  • It encourages a culture of transparency which can only be a good thing. This could result in matters being dealt with effectively before they become too serious to remedy (such as criminal activity) or cause irreparable reputational damage. 
  • It should inspire confidence in your employees that their employer will deal with their concerns seriously and encourages them to report wrongdoings. 
  • It shows how serious the business takes these issues and demonstrates that the business intends to remedy any concerns. 
  • It reinforces the importance of workplace confidentiality. 
  • It offers support to whistleblowers which may prevent litigation and can demonstrate how whistleblowers will be protected from victimisation, harassment and other detriments. 
  • It can explain the consequences of making a malicious accusation and subsequently discourage these. 

How can Just Employment help you?

Just Employment Solicitors are experts in drafting employment contracts and supplementary employment handbooks and policies. We will draft your policy so that your employees can easily understand and follow it. We can also assist you if you would like your employees to receive whistleblowing training so that they have the knowledge to properly implement the policy and that your management teams are confident in dealing with any disclosures made to them. 

Please call us on 01483 303636 or email to see how we can help your business.